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Welcome to Power Rangers!! ;)
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Currently Looking For One Officer!

LeahhMariex3, Aug 3, 11 12:03 AM.
We are currently looking for 1 Officer (Maybe 2) to fill preferably the mornings or early afternoons! But any other time is okay! If you are interested, please copy the form that's located in "Officer Application" and you may either:

1) Send a private message and send it to the Super Admins (Myself and Andrew), so we may both review your application.

2) Fill it out in the forum so anyone can view it, including the officers. 
    1. If you're uncomfortable doing this way that is why we also have the send message option!

Please meet this criteria:
a. Be at least 18 and level 85 (your main at least this level).
b. Know general information about the game; including Cataclysm
c. Know how to be assertive - we'll need leaders and people who aren't afraid to take action.
d. Well-able to comprehend with GM's requests and follow them accordingly.

If you have any more questions, you may read more information including promotion details in both "Promotions" and "Officer Application." If those do not answer your questions, you may contact myself or Andrew.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll soon apply with us! Be a Power Ranger Officer!

Leah <3

800 Members!!

LeahhMariex3, Jul 18, 11 12:17 AM.
We've finally reached our 800 members! Only 100 members more to go!

What? I got pretty excited. ;)

Raid Rules & News

LeahhMariex3, Jul 17, 11 12:52 AM.
I'd like to discuss the rules and clear up a few things about our raids:

First of all, ALL of our raids are a learning experience. We're here to help each other; whether it's the mechanics of a fight or to help out with someone's gear, gems, and enchants. In any circumstance are we NOT to bring another guildie down due to inexperience or lack of knowledge regarding a particular aspect of the game. 

If for some reason you're feeling attacked by another guild-member, please let the GM, Co-GM, or our officers know. At any time do we ever want any of our wonderful guildies to feel uncomfortable being in a guild group.

Remember, we are a CASUAL raiding group. Meaning, if someone makes a mistake they won't be penalized or called names. If someone makes a mistake, we politely correct them and guide them to get better. We also do not run on DKP or seniority. We go by reliability of attending raids and helping the guild. Consistently signing up for events and not attending will not get you kicked from the guild; however, you'll be lower in the list of potential attendees for a group. 

Also note, for our core raids we don't require you to know everything about every fight. There is not requirement for a significant amount of experience. However, we try to reach a minimum item level of 350 for Baradin Hold, Bastion of Twilight, and Blackwing Descent; and item level 356 minimum for Firelands. If you're interested in becoming part of the raid team, please contact me. 

Also, we'll also be possibly partnering with the guild Reborn starting Tuesday. We'll need more DPS and healers. Please feel free to contact myself or Shadowseer regarding the specific requirements for the raid group.

Thanks for reading!!



LeahhMariex3, Jul 14, 11 11:29 AM.
Hey Guildies,

The requirement to now participate in the guild raffle/lottery is to be a Member. If you're a recruit and would like to be involved, see the "promotions' link to be promoted! 

Also, we're reaching 750 members in the guild. Only 150 more to go! So please keep spreading the word about our guild. 


New Way to Submit Officer Apps!

LeahhMariex3, Jul 11, 11 4:35 PM.

If you're interested in submitting an officer application for our guild, please go to the forum and copy and paste the post and then fill it in. Submit it and I will look at it when I get the chance.

Like stated, please allow 7-10 days for me to review it. Also, please notify me if you submitted the application.

If you'd like your post to be private, you may still send the application to me through email.

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